Whether it's about graphic design for stationeries, brochures, billboards or presentations, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your prospects. Relevant graphic design for stationeries and collaterals build the stage that develops your corporate identity. The public opinion about your company is often made in the firstglimpse and the only factor that creates a major impact during that time is the graphic design of your marketing your marketing materials. It is the most visible of all your corporate communication tools, reflects your company and

gives you a chance to leave a remarkable and long lasting impression. At Crazymouse, the leading team of graphic designers in Kolkata knows the graphic design of your business collaterals and stationeries should maintain the professional essence of your company. It should be consistent with your print and web marketing in order to convey a uniform corporate identity. Our quality graphic design service includes logo design, brochure design, stationeries design, flyersdesign, ads, postcard design, packaging design, newsletter design, e-catalogue design and many more We know that every client has unique requirements and Crazy mouse is flexible to meet your individual needs


The Internet offers new opportunities for marketing businesses. To take advantage of the vast possibilities of this new medium, it is imperative for companies to have an online presence. The growing competition amongbusinesses to secure a dominant position on the Internet has triggereda race for superior website designing and development services In a situation like this, what your business needs is the support of a website design and development company that offers technical experience combined with commitment to exceed your expectations. Crazy Mouse is a

reputable name in web solutions.We offer state-of-the art website designing and development services that can help you consolidate your online presence.

TV Advertisement

In today's competitive marketplace, the TV commercials guarantee the most visibility and awareness to best mass-market one’s products. TV advertising has a long reach as statistics suggest that more than 70% of all sales are based on buyer initiated moves. Clever advertising techniques employing TV commercials have become very successful as advertising gurus have understood how effectively advert concepts blend with animation.


We create 2D, 3D Character Animation or 2D,3D Cartoon Animation in television series, movies and internet. Our erudite team of animators have passion, expertise and experience in all the fields of animation processes and can drive the entire project from script to screen to perfection. Our creative team can successfully design and produce cartoon projects of varied time limits.We provide solutions of un-paralleled quality at cost-effective rates.

        We offer a comprehensive animation support and aim to work from project conception through to delivery to enable you to find the most creative solutions to suit your project needs and budget


Art is an evolution. At Crazy Mouse professional artists and industry veterans combine to create the new concepts and brands that define an emerging industry.